'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' Stars Reunite New York City

Postado Mai 18, 2017

However, there is a key to the friend group's closeness: "I think we all give to each other and share with each other", she shared.

Honestly, if the cast wanted to use this get-together as inspiration for the long-awaited sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, it could totally work. She returns to the clubs, but the film drowns out the soundtrack in favor of mournful piano music that doubles as a siren song only Josie can hear, drawing her to Michael's mother Meredith (Janet McTeer), a famous pianist who blames Josie for Michael's death. I feel like films are so limited as far as how they capture how women feel. "But it would have to be something that really made sense".

No, because I had such a strong notion of the type of movie I was making. It didn't matter if some things were literal or not literal or linear or nonlinear, I just had to make sure that the audience felt the way I felt when I was reading the book.

Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively, and America Ferrera at the after-party for the NY premiere of Paint It Black, pesented by Svedka, at the Dream Hotel Midtown. "I'm doing a play at the Vineyard Theatre, so I did that", she said of her Sunday. "I had no idea".

Janet McTeer, Amber Tamblyn and Alia Shawkat at the NY premiere of Paint It Black at the Museum of Modern Art. I have a possible new film that I'm thinking about. "So we kind of had a general meeting in the hot tub, but what better place, you know?" I was just thinking about it, but I definitely would love to direct again. On her first season, I guess they were looking for a quote-unquote name or somebody to do a guest spot on the show.

As for Schumer, who also came out to support her at the premiere, Tamblyn gushed, "I really I adore her and she's awesome and she's somebody that fills me with a lot of joy".