Fidget spinner safety: Doctor warns parents to monitor their child's usage

Postado Mai 19, 2017

Fidget spinners are designed for students to help them focus more in school, and they've become hugely popular.

A school in Co.Wicklow has made the decision to ban fidget spinners, not because they are unsafe, but because they are proving to be a major distraction while children are in class.

The toys are marketed to be for people with ADD or other disorders.

But some parents say they can also be a health hazzard.

"I can definitely see that this may calm down and soothe ..."

"Students are more interested in seeing how long their spinner will turn than listening to what the teacher is saying in class", she said.

"For a child to just have it as a toy in class, to me, it was kind of aggravating", she said.

We are of course talking about Fidget Spinners, which come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Used to occupy fidgety fingers, the propeller-shaped gadgets have caused world-wide debate with many arguing that they are an ideal stress-relieving tool that greatly benefit children with additional needs such as ADHD.

Kara Eckert, director of instruction at Mars Area School District, said so far it's not a big problem at her district, but sometimes is frustrating.

A 42-year-old English teacher at a Columbus, OH high school has been seriously injured and lost one eye after a student's fidget spinner broke at high speed in the classroom.