Katy Perry stuns art lovers with fruity video installation at museum

Postado Mai 19, 2017

The pop star chose to have a little fun with visitors at New York's The Whitney museum by quite literally immersing herself in the art.

Patrons of the Whitney Museum are told they are being taken to see an exhibit by Katheryn Hudson, which is Katy's birth name.

Blasberg removed the serving dish to reveal the pop star's head and Perry began chatting to fans as they asked questions about the weird and creepy installation.

Katy Perry is seriously going all out for Witness promo!

Museums guests are eventually led into the room, and nearly all seem disoriented by the head just straight up chilling on the table-though only a few seem to realize that the head they're looking at belongs to Katy. And when one person does say, "That looks like Katy Perry", Perry jokes that she's Miley Cyrus.

Witness will drop on June 9 and include Chained to the Rhythm, new single Bon Appétit and "Swish Swish", a song that, if Twitter is to be believed, will premiere at this year's Billboard Music Awards with a Nicki Minaj feature.

She released a freakish music video for the single last week that featured a group of chefs kneading her body like pizza dough and putting her in a giant pot to boil.

The pop singer has made a number of fun appearances to promote her new single and upcoming album Witness.