Logan Noir: Watch the Full Q&A with Hugh Jackman and James Mangold

Postado Mai 19, 2017

X-24, who has all of Wolverine's strength but none of his control, represented the "full berserker animalistic crazy-off-the-wall Wolverine" that Jackman said fans have always been asking him for, something which caused him to be "skeptical" of playing the character. That we don't feel we've fully seen it, so I was like, 'Jim if we introduced halfway or near the end of the movie that full berserker animalistic insane Wolverine and he's somehow fighting our hero, audiences won't know what to feel.' And I remember him saying, 'Trust me, trust me, trust me.' And I was a bit of a pain in the ass on that one, I was like, 'I'm just not sure. Also check out our list of the most essential X-23 comics to read. He's happy. He feels somehow satisfied, and I think that's something very few of us might be able to say in our parting glances from this world. We saw from her first interaction with Hugh Jackman that this girl was going to bring something special to the role which she did. I sat next to Patrick Stewart. She's separated by several decades from the current X-Men and Deadpool movies and might even be on a separate timeline altogether. He made the comments last night during the Alamo Drafthouse and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's presentation of Logan Noir, a black and white version of Logan that will be included on the home video release on May 23.

Director James Mangold, Jackman, and producer Hutch Parker attended a one-night only screening in NY of Logan Noir, the black and white version of the film that will also be available on its Blu-ray release.

- Audio commentary by director James Mangold.

Can we all just agree that Dafne Keen's Laura was one of the best part of Logan?

"Yeah actually now that I think about it, I mean there's a lot of secrecy around these things and everyone tries to protect it, but it's kind of actually wonderful". I wanted it to be like, the curtain has come down, we told the story. But I think we wanted it to feel over.

"[Unforgiven] is more devastating for me". Just like a regular movie, we're not leaving something out there.

X-Men may have ended Jackman's Wolverine, but the franchise continues with New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, releasing next year.