Rompers for men on the rise

Postado Mai 19, 2017

No surprise: Twitter is having a field day with the male romper trend.

Only time will tell if this will just be a quick internet trend, or a long-term fashion game changer for men. However, we do have something arguably as innovative: The male romper.

A male version of the one-piece summer-weight suit of shorts and short sleeves called the RompHim was widely mocked online this week after a startup's crowdfunding campaign went viral.

They add, "Why wasn't there anything out there that allowed guys to be more stylish and fun without sacrificing comfort, fit, and versatility?" Why haven't they texted us back? While the style is more commonly worn today by femmes, it's already been adopted by queers for decades, including queer men, much to the straight man's dismay.

The Time story said that the idea for the RompHim was "the result of some soul searching about men's fashion over beers".

Romper dresses have been a popular trend with women this summer. Men wear dresses and women wear overalls and no one really cares as long as you look fresh. Along with Reebok's Activchill technology, the brand will also equip their male rompers with a reflective zipper and hood lining.

Set to launch on next month, the ReeRomp will be available in two distinct "simple and sleek" styles, sketches of which can be seen on the brand's site.

Anyways, none of this even matters. Why?

The RompHim currently is running a Kickstarter campaign, which blew past its $10,000 goal, and is now up to $142,256 pledged. No matter how ahistorical, gender condescending or, most importantly, terribly designed, RompHim is-it's happening.