Starbucks testing coffee ice cubes in its cold drinks

Postado Mai 19, 2017

Nothing ruins a refreshing iced coffee like the ice cubes - give them time, and they give you slightly cool, coffee-flavored water.

Customers that want to add coffee ice cubes to their drinks from Starbucks Corporation will have to pay an little extra.

In the past Starbucks has been criticized for under-filling its drinks and adding too much ice, although customers could request no ice with their order.

A cold cup of coffee - iced coffee or cold brew, whichever you fancy - can be a nice way to cold down and get that jolt of caffeine you need in the summer.

So far, they're only available in a small number of Starbucks - the franchise had 12,711 stores as of October, and most are not located in either St. Louis or Baltimore.

Here's some tasty news iced coffee drinkers shouldn't pass up. Some intrepid redditors have been opting to add the ice to their Frappuccinos, creating a stronger coffee-based drink.

"It's one of several tests going on", Shafer told ABC News. The ice cubes are made from actual Starbucks coffee, not plain water.

Starbucks is no stranger to beverage tests and innovative food launches.