Five Poisoned by Botulism After Eating Gas Station Nachos

Postado Mai 20, 2017

Nine people have been hospitalized after eating nacho cheese from a Sacramento gas station, California officials said.

A awful story out of Sacramento: Five people, including a 33-year-old mother of three, have been hospitalized with botulism - poisoning from botulinum bacteria - after eating nacho cheese sauce from a gas station deli area several weeks ago.

The LA Times reports at least five people have been sickened from a botulism outbreak connected to the Valley Oak Food and Food gas station in Sacramento.

Olivia Kasirye told CBS that the ongoing investigation is pointing its finger at the nacho cheese. Health officials are also investigating our other cases of botulism that could be linked to eating the contaminated nacho cheese sauce.

Botulism is extremely rare, but is an incredible risky illness caused by a nerve toxin that can paralyze the body.

Kelly has spent the past three weeks in the intensive care unit at the hospital, fighting to breathe and struggling to open her eyes.

According to Ricky Torres, Lavinia's boyfriend, Lavinia was on her way home from work on April 21, when she stopped at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station to grab a quick bite to eat. She went to the hospital, but was sent home.

According to a statement from the Sacramento County Department of Health on May 10, the source appears to be prepared nacho cheese sauce from that particular gas station.

Theresa Kelly recalled the horrifying moment her sister called, unable to express what was wrong with her. She bought a bag of Doritos and drizzled nacho cheese on them.

Clark stated that "human mistakes" are behind the creation of a flawless environment for the formation of "botulinum toxin".

On April 21, Kelly was heading home when she chose to stop at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel to grab a quick snack. "That's an essential question".

And the family has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the gas station for negligence. "Maybe one eyelid is dragging", Dr. Sean Townsend at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco said of botulism symptoms, WABC reported.

He added past botulism cases have been resolved for millions. Employees on site declined to comment last week, and the business could not be reached by telephone Tuesday.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses while Lavinia recovers.