Sen. Lindsey Graham to President Trump: Stop Tweeting About the Russia Investigation

Postado Mai 22, 2017

"James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press", Trump said in a tweet yesterday.

The next director will immediately be confronted with oversight of an FBI investigation into possible coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, an inquiry the bureau's acting head, Andrew McCabe, has called "highly significant". "It's all about the objective with which it's done". "You are not under investigation" does not mean "You will never be under investigation".

Mr Trump's behaviour has provoked fresh comparisons between his administration and that of disgraced President Richard Nixon, who famously recorded conversations, speeding his downfall during the Watergate scandal. USA TODAY reported Friday that Rosenstein has indicated he's not yet inclined to appoint a special prosecutor.

"I think the President wants loyalty to his country and to the rule of law", Spicer said.

He also said that he had pressed Comey during a private dinner to tell him if he was under investigation.

Trump has denied any collusion between his camp and Russian interests ahead of last November's election and has denounced the investigation as a "witch hunt".

Mr Trump said the candidates were "outstanding people" and "very well known". "Nearly all of them are very well known", Trump said while flying to Lynchburg, Virginia, where he was giving the commencement address at Liberty University.

But Burr said he expects Comey will soon speak privately with members of the committee.

Adam Lee, special agent in charge of the FBI's office in Richmond, Virginia, whom sources told ABC News would be interviewing for the Federal Bureau of Investigation job, arrived at the Justice Department around 1 p.m. Saturday.

The party-line explanation of why Trump fired FBI Director James Comey - that it was all about the way Comey handled the probe of Hillary Clinton's emails - crumbled within hours. Although they're likely to mount considerable pressure before and during the confirmation process, they don't control enough votes to influence the outcome since Republicans hold a 52-seat majority in the Senate.

Pressed by Pirro about launching an independent commission to investigate the issue, Trump suggested the current investigations taking place in Congress will suffice.

The White House had no immediate comment on Mr Clapper's remarks on a morning in which no White House aide appeared on the Sunday news shows to discuss Mr Trump's firing.

"Relish the opportunity to be an outsider", Trump said.

Whether all of this could jeopardize the survival of Trump's presidency is another question, and one whose answer is much farther down the road.

While Democrats have called for an independent special counsel to investigate the Russian Federation matter, most Republicans have said that is not necessary given the FBI probe and investigations in both the House and Senate.

But Democrats wasted no time pouncing on the possibility recordings of Trump and Comey might exist.

"There are times you read a story where someone is trying to pull apart one word one sentence ... and make it a gotcha thing", Spicer added.

After a meeting with Senate intelligence committee leaders on Capitol Hill Thursday, Rosenstein was asked by a reporter whether he threatened to quit. Sooner or later, recordings are likely to become public. Republicans are already bracing for a hard midterm election next year - and some fear that their control of the House may be at risk. I think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the USA, is important.

Karen Tumulty is a national political correspondent for The Washington Post.