Survivor says grocery store killer saw her but spared her

Postado Junho 11, 2017

"She then "...exited the store and called 911..." and "...heard more gunshots while waiting for police to arrive...".

State police confirm images from a YouTube channel Stair used to post anime videos. His family on Friday released a brief emailed statement expressing sorrow for his actions.

Police say a Pennsylvania supermarket employee who shot and killed three fellow workers spent the first 90 minutes of his shift blocking entrances and exits so no one could flee once the shooting started.

Police say 24-year-old Randy Stair brought two shotguns to Weis Market in rural Tunkhannock, blocked store exits and began shooting early Thursday.

In the message, the man she knew by the pseudonym Andrew Blaze thanked her for her work and told her by the time she read the email he would be dead.

In the affidavit, state police wrote that while Newell hid in the aisle for register five, she watched Stair walk to the bakery section. After the store closed Stair retrieved a duffel bag from his auto with the two shotguns, and began his attack.

Authorities say it's still unclear why Stair targeted 63-year-old Terry Sterling, 26-year-old Victoria Brong and 47-year-old Brian Hayes.

Stair's shift started when the store closed at 11 p.m. Police said he later took a duffel bag from his auto containing two pistol-grip shotguns, brought them into the store and started firing.

State Police say four people are dead in a murder-suicide in a northeast Pennsylvania supermarket. Online records indicate the store is open from 6 11 p.m. Stair also killed himself.

"Stair then proceeded to begin shooting throughout the store, ultimately killing the three victims", Nederostek said. One witness managed to escape unharmed.

Troopers responded to a report of someone shooting people inside Weis Market in Eaton Township, about 25 miles northwest of Scranton, just before 1 a.m. Thursday.

Troopers found the bodies of three males and two females inside, along with one witness.

Randy Robert Stair, 24, of Dallas, Pennsylvania, is believed by authorities to have created "different alter egos" in social media and his various accounts may have been following one another, according to Jeff Mitchell, the county's district attorney. State police expected to release more information once the victims' families were notified.

Troopers said the incident was "contained" and that the public was not presently in any danger.