Tesla Model 3 early buyers get just two choices - color, wheel size

Postado Junho 11, 2017

Tesla initially planned to have the Model Y ride on the Model 3's platform, but Musk confirmed in the Q&A segment of the shareholder meeting that Model Y will be riding on a completely new platform. In fact, Elon Musk apparently said he expects the Model Y to become more popular than the Model 3 - remembering the Model 3 accumulated around 370,000 orders not long after it was unveiled.

'The point at which that's what the factory looks like, that's when you know you've won'.

To better mark, the difference between the Tesla Model 3 - Broadcast Electric Vehicle - and the Model S Sedan, the Palo Alto manufacturer has published a table comparing their characteristics.

Musk has said the facility, which is separate from the firm's "Gigafactory", will be 'the machine that makes the machine, ' and told analysts it will stun people. However, instead of re-purposing the existing designs, Tesla is now firm on its decision to introduce a whole new platform for the Model Y.

"I should say that we've kept the initial configurations of the Model 3 very simple". Details of the new drivetrain are not yet out, but it will be based on a new platform. They are designing an entirely new auto. As Tesla begins its transition from niche automaker to industry dominator, it needs to prove that it has the discipline and foresight to set and meet production deadlines.

Musk's model for an all-electric future is far more upbeat. Additionally, Tesla a few weeks back rolled out the following teaser image of its forthcoming semi-truck. 3-5% on Neuralink, 2% on the Boring Company and 2% on Open AI.

Here are three issues Musk addressed at the meeting. So if you wanted, then definitely, put down the deposit. He admitted that he would "sometimes go crazy" on Twitter, but he blames it on music, wine, and a sedative. "Magic. Magic happens", he said, later echoing the sentiment (where else?) in a tweet.

Tesla catapulted onto the Fortune 500 list of the nation's largest companies for the first time Wednesday, landing at 383 on the list.

Model 3 customers eventually will be able to choose between two motors, one designed for highway travel and the other for stop-and-go traffic, optimising for acceleration and mileage economy.

"I should mention we are going to really give more prominence to used Teslas on our website", Musk said.