UK police name third man behind London terror attack

Postado Junho 11, 2017

Ismail Abedi, was arrested in Chorlton on May 23, a day after the terror attack on Manchester Arena which killed 22 people, including seven children.

It reported that Zaghba was charged with worldwide terrorism by Italian authorities, but the charge was later dropped.

There were also office chairs, a suitcase and two bags of gravel which Haydon said might have been to add weight or to act as a cover story for their activities to friends and family.

"Last year. when I went to England, he was. more rigid", Collina, an Italian convert to Islam, told reporters in a series of interviews at her home in Bologna, Italy. "From his face, from his look, I could see there was a radicalization, as you say, and this happened in England, absolutely". He has said cuts in the number of police officers have had an impact on the ability to prevent attacks. By the time of his death, he had been brought to the attention of police several times over his extremist views and had even appeared in a documentary about British Islamist extremists called "The Jihadi Next Door".

He was stopped in Bologna as he was about to board a plane for Turkey, with the apparent intention of joining ISIS jihadists fighting in Syria, Agence France-Presse reported, citing Italian media.

The report said Italy had put him on a watch list and flagged his presence to Moroccan and British authorities.

"We joked about how he would greet me at the airport in London".

Zaghba's mother, who is a convert to Islam, told police she was anxious about her son when she went to collect him after he was stopped at the airport, an investigative source said.

Jibril Palomba, who lives close to Butt's east London home, said he was anxious Butt had been radicalizing kids, telling them things like, "If you are not Muslim, you do not follow in the religion of Muslim ... you're basically going to hell". Police ask any other witnesses who were on the bridge or who have seen Thomas to contact them. However, she said she and the police assumed he wanted to eventually go to Syria, given he only had a one-way ticket to Istanbul and a small backpack.

An official involved in the efforts said the arrests focused on members of the pro-ISIS group al Muhajiroun and likened it to "going after Al Capone for tax evasion".

Collina said Zaghba was monitored by Italian intelligence agents each time he came to Italy to visit her after his initial run-in with airport authorities.

He lived in a ground floor flat in Barking, east London, and neighbours described the father-of-two as a keen gym-goer. His uncle sent a message to the victims and their families.

Valeria Collina was quoted by Italian weekly news magazine L'Espresso as saying she last spoke to her son Thursday and now realizes it was a goodbye call. "And after I thought that these images of a garden were similar to the images of paradise".

Among Butt's extremists contacts in the United Kingdom was a British al-Muhajiroun figure who helped organize training in Malakand, Pakistan, for some of those involved in a plot to bomb the United Kingdom in 2004 with fertilizer bombs and one of the 7/7 London bombers, according to the sources.

Today it was revealed that Butt, the ringleader behind the atrocity, worked on the London Underground - after appearing in a document about British jihadis.

His family said: "While our pain will never diminish it is important for all of us to carry on with our lives in direct opposition to those who would try to destroy us". "There is a possibility that they could have come back", Haydon said. Twelve people held in the initial stages were released without charge earlier this week, while a man arrested in Ilford on Wednesday has been bailed.

Redouane had previously been refused asylum in the United Kingdom in 2009. Britain and Ireland have reciprocal residency rights.

Police said that after three deadly attacks in three months they could hardly keep tabs on 3,000 people on the terror watchlist and 20,000 who have been on the intelligence radar in the past. The Moroccan-born man was living in Dublin prior to the attack, the Irish gardai have confirmed.

"That was a really nice, unexpected moment", he said. Abedi's younger brother was being held for questioning in Libya.

The three, who were not connected to the weekend attack on London Bridge, are being questioned at a south London police station.

"We simply don't have the resources we need to provide the best service we can", he said in an interview following Monday's vigil.