Jennifer Lawrence OK after plane reportedly makes emergency landing

Postado Junho 12, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence made an unplanned appearance in Buffalo this weekend.

This will come as a shock to many, Oscar-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence's private plane suffered double engine failure on Saturday and it was forced to make an emergency landing. News, Lawrence was traveling from her native Louisville, Kentucky, when one of the plane's engines failed at 31,000 feet.

Lawrence, who is a native of Louisville, had been in Kentucky visiting family. When she was 14, a talent scout spotted her in NY.

The actress is fine now, her rep confirmed to E!, but it sounds like things got pretty scary while she was in the air. After touching down in Buffalo, the jet was met by emergency vehicles.

Then, during that emergency landing as the plane was guiding itself towards the runway, the second engine failed, too. "Your private part feels like a sponge", she added.

"Sometimes things don't go as planned and a tire blew on take-off, which caused other problems", Morgan said in statement obtained by E! at the time. "My biggest irrational, hopefully, fear is that the Zika virus is going to be the solution to overpopulation", She told Vanity Fair magazine.