China's United States bond holdings grew in April, still behind Japan

Postado Junho 16, 2017

China increased its holding of U.S. Treasury securities in April for the third consecutive month, the latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Thursday. Japan, the largest non-US holder of government debt, decreased its total to $US1.11 trillion, down $US12.4 billion from a month earlier. Chinese ownership of United States government bonds, notes and bills increased by $4.6 billion to $1.09 trillion in April, remaining the second-largest foreign holder of American debt, according to a monthly Treasury Department report released on Thursday.

Overall foreigners in April bought the smallest amount of long-term USA securities in four months.

The forex reserves expanded for the fourth month in a row in May after capital flight pressure eased and the value of the renminbi strengthened. Reserves climbed $US24 billion to $US3.05 trillion in May, the People's Bank of China said this month, the biggest increase since April 2014.

Belgium's ownership of Treasuries, often seen as a home to China's custodial accounts, fell in April to $US96.4 billion.