New Apple iOS 11 will end support for iPhone 5 and 5c

Postado Junho 20, 2017

The entire world eagerly waited for Apple's keynote speech to take place, and discussed what the new possibilities that it will open are.

Apple's next iPhone, set to come out later this year, is expected to feature a wide range of new capabilities, thanks to a update coming to the iOS mobile operating system.

For logging into any third-party app, you don't need to manually enter your details, the iOS is smart enough to log you into the apps using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Apple has been labelling the iPad as a laptop alternative for some time, but it's only with the release of iOS 11 that users will have access to features that allow for efficient multitasking, as well a hub for all of the tablet's files. Basically, Apple has now made screen capturing on iOS effortlessly easy for users by integrating the functionality in the operating system itself. With iOS 11, however, it appears sharing your Wi-Fi login details will remain a secret.

This is clearly the most requested feature among vocal iPhone users on social networks and on forums like Reddit. As such, the following are the Apple devices, which can have the latest firmware installed upon them.

Other updates arriving with iOS 11 include new Loop and Bounce effects for photos, Apple Pay payments via Messages and Siri, and a "do not disturb" feature that can be enabled while driving. That means you won't get to use the feature that much.

"We're pleased that at last millions of drivers that use an Apple iPhone are about to be able to put an end to intrusive notifications while they're behind the wheel", British automotive services company RAC's BePhoneSmart campaign spokesman Peter Williams said of Apple's new feature for drivers.

In what is certain to be a welcome move for app developers, Apple has announced that all the reviews and ratings their app has accumulated over the period of its existence on the app store, will no longer disappear when the devs release an update.

There are plenty of reasons to try the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.