Prosecutors want German nationalist's immunity lifted

Postado Junho 20, 2017

German prosecutors have asked for the lifting of right-wing politician Frauke Petry's parliamentary immunity.

The Saxony state parliament will now hold hearings to decide whether her immunity is to be lifted, at which Petry will be invited to make her own submissions.

Petry faces a probe into allegations that she lied under oath to the state parliament about the funding of her party.

In May 2016, prosecutors began a preliminary investigation into the financing of the campaign in Saxony.

But party colleague Alexander Gauland said: "The request for Frauke Petry's immunity to be lifted has no impact on how we see the party's position".

"She has our backing". News agency dpa reported that Ivo Klatte, a spokesman for the state legislature in the eastern Saxony region, said Monday, June 19, 2017 the request for Frauke Petry's immunity to be lifted was made last week.

The parliament's immunity committee will discuss the issue and let Petry explain her view on the matter. "This means there won't be a decision before late August", Schubert said.

Petry is a co-leader of Alternative for Germany, which hopes to enter Germany's national parliament in a September 24 election, and also its top regional lawmaker in Saxony.

The party's support grew in recent years, winning it seats in regional elections, but has fallen in recent months.