'Steve Scalise Took A Bullet For All Of Us'

Postado Junho 20, 2017

The 51-year-old Republican congressman from Louisiana underwent another surgery on Saturday, the hospital treating him said, which was at least his third operation since being transported to the facility.

CNN, the network famously dubbed "fake news" by President Trump, misreported an emotional moment before the Congressional Baseball Game Thursday, tweeting that it was only Democrats who knelt for prayer on the field.

House Majority Whip Scalise, 51, was shot in the hip by a rifle-welding critic of the president who sprayed bullets on United States lawmakers practising for an annual baseball game in the Washington suburb of Alexandria. Doctors didn't address what organs were damaged. Sava said Scalise "clearly knows" his family is there and "appreciates" their presence. A hospital statement said Scalise was doing better over the previous 24 hours but would be in the hospital for some time.

The doctors said that while Scalise remains in critical condition, they "are encouraged by improvement in his condition".

"He was in critical condition with an imminent risk of death", Sava said.

The entire stadium came together to honor Scalise and the Capital Police officers present who prevented the shooting from being much worse.

He sustained a relatively minor injury Wednesday morning as he and other officers engaged with a gunman who shot up a practice of the GOP baseball team.

Mr Scalise remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit, but his risk of death is "substantially lower than when he came in", Mr Sava said.

David Bailey, one of the two Capitol Police officers on Scalise's security detail who have been credited with saving his life, threw out the first pitch.

The annual friendly bipartisan game takes place in an effort to raise money for charity, said the New York Times.

"We have exceeded 20,000 in ticket sales", the post said. "We will provide periodic updates".

"It's been much more hard than people even thought at the time", Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday, adding he also visited the wounded Capitol Police officer at the hospital.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., paid a visit to his injured colleague at the hospital Friday.

Law enforcement officials proceeded Friday with their investigation of the attack at a suburban Virginia park, including examining Hodgkinson's social media activities and his home in Belleville, Illinois.

The FBI said that the shooter's weapons found at the scene - a 9mm handgun and 7.62mm calibre rifle - had been legally purchased.

Two other people injured in Wednesday's attack in Alexandria, Va., remain hospitalized.