The President Is Not Under Investigation: Trump Attorney

Postado Junho 20, 2017

Todd asked. "Was the reason having to do with his handling of the Russian Federation investigation, or was it having to do with his handling of the Clinton email investigation?"

Wallace then asked if Trump believes the law allows for a president to be indicted.

Jay Sekulow, a lawyer who is part of a team hired by Trump to deal with allegations of collusion by his campaign with Moscow, made the rounds on Sunday talk shows to cast doubt on media reports citing unnamed sources - and to add nuance to a straightforward claim Trump made on Friday that he was under investigation. "I don't think that's a mystery".

Cuomo kicked off the segment by noting the "obvious contradiction" between Trump's statement in a tweet that he is "under investigation", and his legal counsel's contention that he is not the subject of a probe by Robert Mueller.

Asked on NBC whether Trump's social media commentary may be created to intimidate Rosenstein or Mueller, Rubio said, "I have no basis on which to make a decision on what his intent is" but added that the tweets "in no way" will impede the work of the investigation.

"I have no idea if he's looking at that or not", Sekulow responded, before noting the president has the constitutional authority to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich said, "I don't think that tweet served him".

Last Wednesday, The Washington Post reported the special counsel was investigating the President for obstruction of justice over his firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

The investigation has taken a serious turn in recent days, raising the clear possibility that whether Mueller finds wrongdoing or not, a period of political stress and upheaval is inevitable.

"To say, "Comey told him he's not under investigation, so he can't be" - that's illogical", Cuomo said.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday on ABC's This Week that Trump and his personal attorney are trying to "take down" Mueller before he finishes his investigation.

"We've received no notice of investigation".

Rubio spoke on NBC, CNN and CBS. Comey has since said he suspects the circumstances of his firing will be scrutinized by Mueller, putting pressure on Trump's supporters to deny any illegal intent — critical to an obstruction of justice case.

Now his lawyer says that's not true.

It's unclear where that process stands.

Attorney Abbe Lowell is among the attorneys contacted on Kushner's behalf, the report said. On Twitter, Trump dismissed as "phony" the idea his campaign colluded with any Russian effort to sway the 2016 USA election.

According to 18 USC 4 and 28 USC 1361, if at the time Mr. Comey believed the comment constituted obstruction of justice, he was legally required to report it.

A simple tweet from President Donald Trump is keeping the Russian Federation investigation in the headlines. The story first appeared in the Washington Post.

Todd continued to push Sekulow, asking before the interview closed why Trump seemed obsessed with the investigation even though he insisted he was innocent.

Then, in a subsequent interview on "Fox News Sunday", Sekulow sowed further confusion by saying Trump was under investigation - then denied he said anything of the sort.