Irate Woman Demands "White Doctor" For Her Son

Postado Junho 22, 2017

"You're saying in this whole entire building, there isn't one white doctor?" she asks clinic staff. "Can I see a doctor that's white, that doesn't have brown teeth and speaks English?"

"How are you communicating to everyone, if everyone is incapable of speaking English", another witness is heard saying in the video. "That doesn't have brown teeth, that speaks English". "I do not need his help", she added.

Her exchange with clinic staff escalates fairly quickly and several patients also waiting critique the woman for her "racist" remarks. In the video, an unidentified woman walked in with her young son and began to insult the employee at the front desk about the ethnicity of the doctors now on shift.

One woman even tells her, "Your child clearly has more issues of you being his mother than needing to see here a doctor".

At least one woman interrupts the racist, telling her she is "rude and racist" and that she "should check [her] self in".

Cheryl Teelucksingh, a sociology professor at Ryerson University, told CBC that many people in Canada are saying Trump's election in the USA has made racist Canadians more comfortable expressing their views. "What kind of awful country do I live in?" she asks.

Eventually, a resolution was reached and the woman's son was checked by a doctor at the clinic.

According to CBC News, the "racist" woman was sitting with her son when another patient asked her why she demanded a white doctor, following which the two got into an argument.

A video of a white woman being openly racist at a Canadian clinic is blowing up online.

The incident occurred on 18 June and a Mississauga resident named Hitesh Bhardwaj who was present recorded the episode. A few try to get her to go to the hospital, but she responds, "I was there and they only have brown doctors".

"The officer found that no criminal offence has been committed or was in the process of being committed", a police spokesperson told the news station.

If doctors refuse to treat a patient, they may worry about a complaint being filed against them with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario - which regulates doctors in the province. Rapid Access to Medical Specialists has declined to comment on the incident.