Russian jet flies within feet of US plane over Baltic Sea

Postado Junho 22, 2017

The Russian Defense Ministry, however, said that, "All flights of Russian interceptors over worldwide waters of the Baltic Sea are carried out strictly in accordance with global rules". US officials report that the majority of these encounters have been "safe" and "professional".

A North Atlantic Treaty Organisation F-16 fighter jet approached and then was warned away from a Russian jet carrying the minister of defense, Russian state media reported Wednesday, in what was the latest in a string of aerial incidents between Russian and western aircraft over the Baltic Sea.

They said that a Russian Su-27 fighter jet then intervened, demonstrating to a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation pilot that it was armed by dipping its wings. "The F-16 then flew away". "The infrastructure of their seaports, airfields and other military facilities is improving", Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement.

On Monday, Russia warned that US aircraft operating in specific regions in Syria would be considered "air targets" for its forces after a US Navy jet shot down a pro-regime fighter jet.

So who at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation wants to take responsibility for this one? The Pentagon and Russian Federation both said that interaction was carried out in a safe and professional manner.

The official added that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation jet had not been chased away by the Russian aircraft.

It reported that Shoigu was en route to Kaliningrad, over worldwide waters.

"This is tied with the upsurge of military activity of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries in Europe", Shoigu added.

Mr Shoigu pointed to recent exercises by the military alliance, which involved 10,000 troops, 70 vessels and the same number of warplanes.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is deploying four worldwide battalions in Poland and each of the former Soviet Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The incident happened not long after Russian Federation said it would track U.S. and US-led coalition that flew over its combat-mission zones in Syria "as air targets" after a United States jet shot down a pro-Syrian regime fighter jet on Sunday.

Russian Federation later warned that it would be tracking US-led coalition aircraft as potential targets.

The close call came as tensions between the two superpowers continued to escalate over the USA military's decision the previous day to shoot down the Syrian Su-22 bomber, which according to officials had just dropped bombs near Syrian Democratic Forces fighting ISIS.

Inching towards a clash?

A Senior NATO military representative told VOA there had been an unusually high number of Russian military aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea last week and it is standard practice for NATO air forces to monitor unknown aircraft approaching NATO airspace.

"Nations have the right to exercise their forces, the important thing for us is that this is done in accordance with the worldwide obligations, and rules and arrangements we have for military exercises", he said.