Barbie's Man Ken Just Got a Major Makeover

Postado Junho 24, 2017

And much like Barbie's evolution into a doll that comes in sizes other than "impossibly ideal", Ken is getting a new look that more closely reflects today's reality: He's got a man-bun, a dad-bod, and comes in a more diverse range of skin tones.

Now Mattel, the California-based toy company responsible for Barbie and American Girl, among other brands, is finally giving the doll a makeover.

The new Ken dolls join an expanded Barbie® Fashionistas® line, making it the most diverse fashion doll line in the marketplace.

His long-term partner gets all the attention for her looks, but now the iconic Ken doll is getting a makeover.

The change follows its 2016 decision to address Barbie's implausible proportions by revealing three new body shapes - petite, tall, and curvy - as well as 24 hair styles.

Barbie executive Lisa McKnight said the company wants to redefine what Barbie and Ken look like to today's kids.

Photos of the new line show Ken dolls in clothes including skinny ties and plaid shirts and sporting a range of hairstyles including cornrows and a man bun.

"In the past Ken was really viewed as more of an accessory in Barbie's world, to support the narrative of whatever was happening with the girls", said Michael Shore, Mattel's head of global consumer insights, via GQ.

Ken met Barbie on the set of their first television commercial together in 1961 but they went on to break up on Valentine's Day in 2004. (Who could forget 1993's Magic Earring Ken?) However, it does mark the most diverse Ken squad to date. Another person suggested that the Ken dolls have hair to play with next time, tweeting: "Natural next step since the release of more physically diverse Barbie moulds, but man-bun Ken should have flexible hair that could do more".

Anyway, these will be hitting stores in July and are available for preorder right now on the Mattel Barbie Shop webstore.