Chicago's New Apple Store Has a Giant MacBook for a Roof

Postado Junho 24, 2017

For about an hour or so on Thursday afternoon, the thin, silvery roof of the Chicago area Apple Store was adorned with an Apple logo - giving the entire roof an nearly unmistakable resemblance to Apple's line of MacBook notebook computers. Some take photos and videos before the Apple logo is rolled up. The massive Apple logo that was rolled on top of the roof yesterday was later taken off, but photographers did manage to snap a few shots of the store's top.

The store is located in Chicago. The store is targeting an October 2017 opening, according to a Chicago Tribune report.

The Chicago Tribune first reported on the new Apple Store's design back in 2015, when the Cupertino firm still had no plans to add its signature logo on the top of the building.

Apple is planning on moving its 679 N. Michigan Ave. store to the new location, situated on one end of the North Michigan Avenue shopping area alongside the Chicago River. The store introduced an outdoor plaza and a video wall with gathering space called "The Forum" - both features that Apple appears to be rolling out to its stores across the United States and internationally. Designed by London firm Foster+Partners, the new store is nothing short of an innovative architectural decision. That being said, Ive still contributes to the overall design of stores, including the Chicago store, which is expected to open this year.