France polls: Macron's party wins clear parliamentary majority

Postado Junho 24, 2017

Le Pen won in her district in the northern Pas-de-Calais department and will sit in parliament for the first time in her political career.

PARIS French stocks outperformed upbeat European indices on Monday following a convincing parliamentary majority for President Emmanuel Macron, while banks bounced following upgrades and the retail sector recovered from last week's losses.

Coming on the heels of Macron's presidential win, the majority in the parliament sends a clear signal to his opposition parties that the tide has turned against them and dramatically so.

Macron's confident start at home, where he has concentrated on trying to restore the lost prestige of the president, and his bold action on the worldwide stage has inspired a raft of positive headlines.

TRT World's Sarah Morice explains how Sunday's results give the president a strong mandate in parliament to pursue his pro-EU, business-friendly reform plans.

His year-old party then filled the political space created by the disarray within the Socialist Party and the Republicans, with Sunday night capping a sequence of events that a year ago looked improbable.

Macron has forged the beginnings of a strong working relationship with the German leader since his election last month, despite significant differences over several issues including stewardship of the euro.

Under a government reshuffle to be conducted this week after Macron's party won a majority in parliament at the weekend, Ferrand is to step down as minister for territorial planning. They started arriving Monday at the National Assembly to learn their way around before the first parliament session next week.

French President Emmanuel Macron meets people after voting in the final round of parliamentary elections, in the northern seaside town of Le Touquet, France, Sunday, June 18, 2017.

As to contenders representing far-left "France Unbowed" party, 17 gained the legislative contest.

Elsewhere, Jean-Luc Melenchon's far-left party, Unsubmissive France, won 26 seats, and the National Front will have eight MPs, including Marine Le Pen.

France's Socialist Party and its allies are projected to win just 34 seats, a dramatic collapse from its previous haul of 277 seats.

Macron wants to move quickly on relaxing labour regulations before overhauling France's unwieldy pension system next year.

Female representation in the National Assembly has risen steadily, from 12.3 percent at the 2002 election to 38.6 percent this time. More than half were women, and 219 were new to politics.

Macron, a former Economy Minister in France's Socialist government in 2014-2016, founded the centrist progressive political movement "En Marche!"