Sen. Johnson: More time needed to evaluate health care bill

Postado Junho 25, 2017

We made a commitment to the American people. A secret intelligence task force was created to firm up the information and come up with possible responses. We're going to end up right back on the street.

Pennsylvania Senators Pat Toomey (R) and Bob Casey (D) will help determine the draft bill's fate in the GOP-ruled Senate. Democrats are united in opposition.

On the campaign trail, President Trump promised to leave Medicaid alone. "They are living healthier and happier lives because of that decision - I don' think that can be overstated enough". "Look forward to making it really special!" he wrote on Twitter. Because there are 52 Republican Senators, losing the votes of just two would mean that Vice President Pence would need to cast a vote to break a tie. He said on Wednesday he wanted a health plan "with heart".

Through that expansion, millions have gained coverage.

Still, the bill unveiled by Senate GOP leaders Thursday is even worse in some ways than the disgusting bill the House narrowly approved in May. "The bill that's before the Senate doesn't meet that test".

Obama weighed in on Facebook.

"This current bill does not repeal Obamacare".

Already, Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Mike Lee say the newly released Senate health care plan is dead on arrival, unless they see some major changes.

But not all Republicans fully support this legislation.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office will evaluate the proposal next week. Fewer than one in 3 Americans supports it, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling. Under the Senate bill, these enrollees would no longer be covered after 2023. The bill would create a new system of federal tax credits to help people buy health insurance, while offering states the ability to drop numerous benefits required by the ACA. "The guaranteed protections and care that you have today are weakened and now, politicians in Madison will decide whether you keep the care you have, or whether it is taken away". Unless the state steps in with substantially more funding - possibly $30 billion or more by 2027, compared to $24 billion under the House bill - many would lose coverage.

McConnell, eager to approve the legislation next week, indicated he was open to changes before it reaches the Senate floor.

Both versions would repeal the 3.8 percent net investment income tax on high earners, a key target for Republicans. "Well, who is even going to pay for that?" The insurance pool would be dominated by older and sicker individuals, driving costs up.

The draft bill comes nearly two months after the House passed its own measure.

Although few Republicans have strongly supported the bill as it stands, they say it's a start. Johnson said, "It's weird what we've done to our healthcare markets".

As we've said, Obamacare isn't flawless.

Caroline Pearson, a senior vice president of the consulting firm Avalare Health, said the Senate subsidies would be smaller than Obama's because they're keyed to the cost of a bare-bones plan and because additional help now provided for deductibles and copayments would eventually be discontinued. US Capitol Police said 43 protesters were arrested and charged with obstruction.

Wisconsin's other U.S. Senator, Democrat Tammy Baldwin, also released a statement.

"It's not that they're opposed", he said.

Heller, facing a competitive re-election battle next year, said he was opposing the legislation because of the cuts it would make in Medicaid.