Uber CEO Stepping Down Amidst Company Turmoil

Postado Junho 25, 2017

Uber's board will now also be tasked with filling the company's top spot.

The company, he said, could still thrive under the right CEO - a visionary like Kalanick but someone who can also bring a more grown-up work culture.

It was unclear who would replace Kalanick.

Uber lost an expensive battle for supremacy in China against Didi Chuxing and had to be satisfied with taking a stake in Didi as a consolation prize. The loss narrowed from the $991 million it posted in the previous quarter. "It's bad for everybody", he said of his negative public image in July 2016, according to a book about Uber that came out last month.

Uber, which is valued at about $70 billion, now has a stunning list of executive positions it has to fill. Kalanick and his allies, including cofounder Garrett Camp and early Uber employee Ryan Graves, are said to dominate the board's super voting seats. "But they'll still get to have his voice, have his energy, have his insight", Gordon said. "I think he has another 20, 30 years ahead of him as founder, and I think the company can grow 10x from here, 20x from here". "There is no business model in being at war". Just last week, Kalanick had announced that he was taking an indefinite leave of absence, although we now know that he's relinquishing the CEO title.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick gestures as he addresses a gathering during a conference of start-up businesses in New Delhi, January 16, 2016.

Kalanick faced increased scrutiny for a culture of sexism and rule-breaking at the company he helped start in 2009.

But Uber's five major investors apparently were working on their own plan to lead the company forward.

It is now fighting allegations it is relying on a key piece of technology stolen from Google spin-off Waymo to build self-driving cars.

The investigation was initiated in February after a former engineer, Susan Fowler, published a blog post about her repeated complaints about sexual harassment and discrimination at the ride-hailing company. Holder's report suggested procedures that most companies have had for years such as using performance reviews to hold leaders accountable.

Uber has been trying to move past its hard history, which has grown inextricably tied to Mr. Kalanick.