Swedish music festival cancels next year's event amid rape reports

Postado Julho 03, 2017

Following one reported rape and several sexual assaults at this year's Bråvalla music festival, there will be no festival in 2018, the organisers said on Saturday.

Swedish police have confirmed they are investigating four potential rapes and some 22 counts of molestation reported on the grounds of the three-day musical festival, which concluded July 1 near the southern Swedish town of Norrkoping.

This year, the music festival saw performances of popular music artistes such as American rock band The Killers, DJ duo The Chainsmokers, and Alesso, the Swedish House DJ.

The organiser didn't say if or when the festival will return nor have they commented on whether the company's financial situation had anything to do with the cancellation - FKP Scorpio reported a loss of 75 million kronor ($8,904,500) in 2016.

They also took to Twitter to share the news, and put up a press release on their website, which states, "Words can not describe how incredibly sad we are about this, and we most seriously regret and condemn this".

The organizing company, FKP Scorpio, said in a statement released on Saturday it had attempted to prevent rapes and sexual abuses but 'some men - because we are talking about men - apparently can't behave. "We do not accept this at our festival".

The company denied media reports that event's cancellation was triggered by financial losses it suffered a year ago and not security or ethical concerns. He said "these are disgusting acts".

The assaults at last year's Bravalla Festival also triggered a wider discussion about the problem of sexual violence at such gatherings in general ― and prompted calls for organizers, local authorities and others to do more to address the issue and to provide a safe space for festival goers. "The looming threat of sexual violence has turned festivals into unsafe places for many music fans, particularly women".