10 hurt by runaway boat on Lake Gage

Postado Julho 17, 2017

Indiana Conservation Officers, Steuben County Sheriff's Department, Steuben County EMS, Orland Fire Dept., and Parkview Samaritan Helicopter responded to the scene.

The boat then crashed into a dock and a patrol boat with two conservation officers on board.

A number of people were injured - two seriously - and a 20-year-old Fort Wayne woman was arrested after a boating accident Saturday night on Lake Gage that left the boat speeding around the lake with no one aboard. One person suffered a skull fracture, another person lost part of their arm. Carlile managed to get hold of the boat and wrangled it, however, it stuck at a pier and rear-ended the conservation officer's patrol boat.

Carlile threw a rope from the patrol boat to entangle the motorboat's propeller, the statement said. Its impact with the patrol boat slows it down enough for an officer to hop aboard and bring it to a stop. CO Carlile was able to use a nearby personal watercraft and jump onto the runaway boat while both boats were still in motion.

Photo shows Dominique Effinger.

Ten people, including the driver, were injured after they were ejected from an out-of-control boat Saturday in a lake in Indiana.

Based on their initial investigation, conservation officers reported Effinger allegedly was driving the 21-foot Correct Craft Ski Nautique boat at a high rate of speed when the boat "cut into a violent turn", which resulted in all 10 people aboard being ejected into the water.

Alcohol was found to be a factor in the accident, conservation officers said in a news release.

That's when it slowed enough for IN conservation officer Jake Carlile to jump on board from a jet ski.

The Indiana officer who finally brought an out-of-control boat to a stop said the incident shows just how unsafe drunken boating can be.