Amazon reportedly upgrading Echo device with new look, tech specs

Postado Julho 17, 2017

Business Insider reports that the most in-demand product of the day was the own-brand Echo Dot device, a smart speaker which provides users with access to Amazon's Alexa digital personal assistant service. The biggest seller so far has been the Echo Dot. Now, thanks to this application, you can now also listen to Amazon Music & Audible, receive flash news briefings, weather info, manage shopping lists, to-do lists, and so much more. You can configure it just like any other Echo using the Amazon Alexa app - by default it'll simply be called your "HTC Alexa" even.

So bring on the Echo 2.0 (although that's not what Amazon is calling the next-gen device, as for as we know.) A sleeker, shorter, better-sounding version of a device that already has been a game-changer seems like a no-brainer. Provided you have an HTC U11 and live in the U.S., that is. If you think that might lead to confusion as to which one is the right one to use at any given time, you'd be correct. They now say that Alexa was used in combination with a home phone or cellular phone system.

The HTC U11, check out my experiences with it after a month, is the most stunning smartphone available today with the lowest price for a flagship and capabilities that beat the Google Pixel.

The HTC U11 is a pretty good phone, but it has one particularly divisive feature: Edge Sense. Alexa's specialties tended to be home control and third-party skills; Google was for setting timers and web searches. All of the Alexa interactions are audio-based: you say a command and Alexa's generic female voice will respond. You can ask it for guidance by just saying "Alexa, help".

The bad news is that Alexa is only now available on handsets in the USA, but HTC has said that it'll be coming to the United Kingdom later this month. It can connect easily to Amazon's retail website and let your shop for products, by just using a voice-input.

Alexa has been estimated to hold a dominant 70% market share in the USA, outselling Google Home 3-to-1. But on a phone, my needs are very different: when I'm out and about, I want to be able to send a quick message to my wife, set a reminder for later, or look up directions using my voice, not order paper towels. The update to the Edge Sense is available on the Play Store from today itself and you can get your device updated with this new sense right now to test out this new Assistant on your phone.