Government Vow To Press Ahead With Water Charges Refunds

Postado Julho 17, 2017

Households who have paid the charges can expect to get as much as €325 back from Irish Water as Varadkar's new Government looks set to finally put the matter to bed.

Charges have now been suspended for more than a year, with the Dáil having effectively abolished the controversial household charging regime.

Back in April, the Oireachtas Water committee chose to scrap water charges, approve refunds and reject mandatory metering of new builds.

The Taoiseach made the commitment in an interview with the Sunday Independent. There are logistical issues as to how it's going to be done by Irish Water.

The exact process around how refunds will be calculated has yet to be announced and legislation may be required.

Varadkar said that the government was "gearing up" to begin refunding charges in autumn. But we intent to do it in the autumn.

Mr Varadkar added: "We'll do it and have it under way".

An Oireachtas committee earlier this year recommended that charges should be abolished except for excessive use, and domestic water use should be funded through general taxation.