IDF Soldier Elor Azaria Ends Mandatory Service, Released to House Arrest

Postado Julho 17, 2017

A military court ruled that Elor Azaria will be placed under house arrest on July 20, when his mandatory three-year military service ends, an army spokeswoman said.

This month, the decision regarding Elor Azaria's appeal of his conviction of manslaughter and 18-month imprisonment sentence will be reached by the court.

The IDF soldier convicted of shooting and killing an injured Arab terrorist who stabbed another soldier in Hebron has been released from his base to house arrest, until the appeal of his case is ended.

In May, Sheftel and lead IDF prosecutor for the case Lt. Col. Nadav Weissman engaged in a heated courtroom battle in the last appeal hearing over the manslaughter verdict against Azaria. Next to him stands Charlie Azaria, Elor's father.

In March 2016, Azaria, a combat medic stationed in Hebron, shot a neutralized terrorist in the head as he lay wounded on the ground after committing a stabbing attack against the soldier's colleagues. The attacker was immediately shot by other soldiers in the area and by the time Azaria got there and shot him again, was already incapacitated, but was still moving.

Although Azaria's defense lawyer, Yoram Sheftel, wanted Azaria released to half house arrest, so that he could leave home during daylight hours, the court ordered full house arrest, with an exception for allowing him to attend prayer services on the Sabbath with his parents.

Military judges are expected to rule on his appeal on July 30, Israeli media reported. Azaria claimed he was afraid he could still be a danger or may have had a bomb attached.