Rest in Peace: George A. Romero Has Passed Away at 77

Postado Julho 17, 2017

George Romero's passing is something that was felt by fellow filmmakers and of course, his fans.

Romero's manager Chris Roe confirmed that the director passed away in his sleep following a battle with lung cancer (via Variety).

Peter Grunwald, Romero's longtime producing partner, told The Los Angeles Times the director died while listening to the score to "The Quiet Man" with his wife and daughter. At his side were Suzanne Desrocher Romero, his wife of almost six years, and daughter Tina.

While Romero directed numerous features throughout the years, he is best known for his work in the zombie genre, which included numerous films that followed "Night of the Living Dead".

Romero was born in NY on February 4th 1940.

As reported by the L.A. Times, Romero's family announced Sunday that the filmmaker has passed away after a battle with lung cancer. You can trace a direct line from NOTLD to (Jordan Peele's acclaimed film) Get Out. And.

Romero revealed in July that he was working on "Road of the Dead" with Matt Birman, who had worked on the last three "Dead" movies, but that the project had not yet secured funding.

The horror film director George A. Romero has died, aged 77.

The national terror Romero's movie conjured up was equal to the civil right's statement he made by casting Duane Jones, an African-American, in the lead.

At the time of its release, Night of the Living Dead was criticised for being gory but it went on to be a cult classic and shape horror and zombie films for decades. He produced the anthology horror show Tales from the Darkside, and directed the horror films The Crazies, Martin, Monkey Shines, The Dark Half, and the horror anthology Creepshow (with a screenplay by Stephen King). The Secret Life of Dogs writer Brian Lynch joked: "You were a genius, and I look forward to your inevitable return".