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Postado Julho 17, 2017

Directly applicable law, such as EU regulations, will be converted into domestic law, and pre‐exit case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union will be given the same binding, or precedent, status in United Kingdom courts as decisions of the Supreme Court.

The SNP were joined by Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones in voicing protest at the so called "Great Repeal Bill", which will transfer European Union legislation into United Kingdom legislation so it can be altered at a nation state level.

However, Scottish Secretary David Mundell said the legislation would result in a powers "bonanza" for Holyrood.

Mr Russell said that Scotland "risks having to fight for powers that should rightfully belong to the Scottish Parliament" because the legislation "contains no promise to protect these".

"But we also need to make a stand against the United Kingdom government retaining powers that rightfully should come to Scotland once repatriated from the European Union".

Jacob Sturgeon
GettyNicola Sturgeon said she pushed for benefits for Scotland

In his letter, Mr Russell highlighted concerns that the bill enables UK-wide frameworks on devolved matters to be "imposed" by the United Kingdom government rather than "agreed" with the devolved administrations. It creates a complex division of decision-making responsibility that does not reflect the reality of devolution.

The UK government said it expected the outcome of the process to be "a significant increase in the decision-making power of each devolved administration".

Scottish Liberal Democrat business manager Mike Rumbles said the Bill is a "huge executive power" grab and said his party would work with others to protect devolution.

A spokesman added: "We welcome the Scottish and Welsh governments recognising common frameworks may be needed in some areas".

"Before the European Union referendum, the Leave campaign repeatedly said that significant new powers would automatically come to the Scottish Parliament - and David Mundell and others have repeatedly assured us since the vote that more powers will be coming to the Scottish Parliament - so where are they?"