Wall, schmall: Ford Fusions arrive from Mexico with $1 million of marijuana

Postado Julho 17, 2017

Marijuana worth $1 million was discovered in the trunks of new Mexican-made Fusion sedans at a dealership in OH, reports CNN.

Investigators with the help of Ford Motor Company determined the Ford Fusions, which were manufactured in Mexico, came to the United States by crossing the Mexican border into Arizona and made their way to northeast OH, the release says.

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The dealership discovered the marijuana and notified Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials to begin an investigation, Fox59 reported.

"Clearly, something went wrong", the DEA's Silverio Balzano told CNN.

Pot was packed into half-circle shapes that fit nicely into the car's spare wheel well, with each wheel weighing 14.5 kilos, or just shy of 32 pounds.

The marijuana, divided into 32-pound, half-moon-shaped packages, was found in 15 cars in four OH counties, according to CNN.

Doak said no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

When all was said and done, the drugs were found in 15 cars in four counties in OH, and a few even made their way to Pennsylvania.

Ford Motor Company is saying that it didn't happen at their production plant nor their internal shipping yards, but somewhere along the supply chain, someone had access to the Fusions, and placed the pot in the trunk.

Drug enforcement agents might be especially alarmed because it appears in each of these cases, a hitch arose with the Mexican smugglers' USA counterparts.