Woman dragged along Rome metro platform after bag gets stuck in door

Postado Julho 17, 2017

CCTV cameras captured the shocking moment a woman got caught in the door of a metro train in Rome and dragged along the platform floor, leaving her in intensive care.

Belarusian national Natalya Garkovich was dragged along the platform after her bag strap became caught in the train doors on Wednesday 12 July.

Mr Tonelli, who is now under investigation over the incident, has claimed he was not being "reckless" by eating while pulling away from the station.

The footage, from Termini metro station in central Rome, was published by the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

It shows dozens of passengers getting off the train and others boarding at the busy interchange.

He told Corriere della Sera: "I know that I was wrong and I am devastated by what happened to that woman".

NCBelarussian national Natalya Garkovich suffered potentially life-changing injuries
NCBelarussian national Natalya Garkovich suffered potentially life-changing injuries

The woman's bag strap was reportedly too thin to have triggered the sensors that would have alerted the train driver that someone was trapped in the door.

The apparent failure of the emergency levers on board also prompted demands for an inquiry into wider safety issues.

'But in the video it can also be seen that I look twice in the mirror, I was not reckless.

Mr Tonelli is being investigated but says he followed protocol, the BBC reported.

"Therefore we consider it outrageous and offensive to say the train driver is entirely responsible, when you should thoroughly investigate the Rome subway security systems and their proper operation", he is quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Stefano Bottoni, national secretary of trade union Sul, said extra measures were needed to avoid a repeat of the accident.