Cowboys' Lucky Whitehead says dog is being held for ransom

Postado Julho 18, 2017

Wide receiver Lucky Whitehead sent out a plea for answers on Instagram.

"I've taken some time to collect my thoughts on this subject matter, and it's very heartbreaking to say that Blitz has been stolen from my home last Sunday".

Whitehead's friend was caring for the dog at Whitehead's house when the dog was taken, Whitehead said. Whitehead also said that he had gotten numerous messages to his phone "demanding ransom money".

Whitehead closed by asking for any information people might have about the dog and we hope there's a happy ending for Whitehead and Blitz before too much time passes.

"I strongly advise you to stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse!" he said in the post, addressing the person who's responsible.

Whitehead got Blitz from Kings and Queens Bullies - the same breeder where Charlotte Hornets center Dwight Howard got his pitbull pup - this offseason.