Jepsen Joins Effort To Protect Campus Sexual Assault Policies

Postado Julho 21, 2017

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is responsible for risky laws spanning dozens of states, including "Stand Your Ground" ordinances, voter identification laws, anti-immigrant laws, anti-health care laws, and laws that discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDS. "The time of inefficient, top down, one size fits all mandates is over". "This approach does not work, it has not worked, and it will never work". On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Denver to protest what they described as DeVos's efforts to undermine public education, according to the Denver Post.

After her speech, she engaged in a short question and answer session with Debbie Lesko, a state senator from Arizona.

"We absolutely love what you have to say", Lesko said. To this, the lawmakers contend that many survivors of campus sexual violence continue to be dismissed.

And in April US News & World Report noted that America's "only federal private school voucher program negatively impacted student achievement, a team of federal researchers concluded - a finding that comes as the Trump administration pursues a private school choice education policy agenda". House Republicans have rejected the new investment in their appropriations bill. "Our opponents - defenders of the status quo - only protest those who can bring real change". She pointed to a tweet from the American Federation of Teachers that criticized her for saying that public money should be invested in individual students and arguing instead that "we should invest in a system of great public schools for all kids". "What exactly is education, if not an investment in students?"

Jepsen Joins Effort To Protect Campus Sexual Assault Policies

The protestors marched from the Capitol to the Hyatt Regency hotel and voiced unwavering support for public schools and students at the place where DeVos is expected to deliver a very different vision tomorrow, one that treats schools as private businesses and sees students as profits.

Weingarten, speaking in D.C. before hundreds of AFT members at the union's annual meeting, said "school choice" is a term that has always been used to "cloak overt racism", recalling how school districts in the South used school choice as a tool of massive resistance after the Supreme Court deemed segregated schools unconstitutional. "Families are on the front lines of this fight; let's stand with them!" "We are in the same fight, against the same forces, who are keeping the same children from getting the public education they need and deserve".

"Make no mistake: This use of privatization, coupled with disinvestment, are only slightly more polite cousins of segregation", Weingarten said.