Microsoft Blocking Windows 10 'Creators Update' for Intel Atom-Based PCs

Postado Julho 21, 2017

Microsoft finally broke its silence on the status of devices built on the Intel Clover Trail CPU family.

As a result, these machines are stuck on the Anniversary Update.

Those aforementioned devices fell under Intel's end of support policy, meaning that Microsoft will no longer provide content updates for those devices. Microsoft later published a list of Intel Skylake PCs with truncated Windows product support. Well, this does affect the overall reach of the Creators Update among all applicable Windows 10 devices. Previously, Microsoft releases a new version of Windows every few years.

This latest twist on Windows client support stems from Microsoft's decision to make a single operating system, called "Windows 10", and deliver it in an agile fashion, like a service, with major features arriving biannually. As a result, Microsoft will extend support for the Anniversary Update until January 2023 to put it in line with the Windows 8.1 schedule.

AdDuplex has released their monthly reports for the PC OS market and they have reported that out of all Windows 10 PCs the latest Windows 10 Creators Update is now running on 50.1% of them. Along with this updated delivery cadence, we adjusted our support lifecycle policies to reflect the Windows as a Service model. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10, obviously, since it is their current OS, but it is unusual that certain PCs might lose support. However, these systems are no longer supported by Intel (End of Interactive Support), and without the necessary driver support, they may be incapable of moving to the Windows 10 Creators Update without a potential performance impact. But given that these PCs aren't terribly ancient, the company has made a decision to extend support for them until 2023.

Microsoft has confirmed that certain PCs may lose Windows 10 support as time goes on.