Alice Cooper finds $10m Warhol he forgot he owned

Postado Julho 25, 2017

Come selling for over $10 million.

Cooper and Warhol were friendly during the early 1970s, when Cooper lived in NY with his girlfriend Cindy Lang.

"We spoke to Alice's mother who said she thought it was probably still in storage".

Rolled up in a cardboard tube, hidden away in a rock star's storage locker, lay a million dollar masterpiece.

Cooper's manager Shep Gordon spoke with The Guardian, revealing that in 1972 Alice and Cindy had just moved to NY, and Andy Warhol (like Alice) loved hanging with celebrities, so they began a friendship.

Warhol and Cooper became friends at the famous Max's Kansas City venue in New York City, and the tinsel-haired pop artist went to see a concert in which the highly theatrical Cooper feigned electrocution in a chair identical to the one in Warhol's print. In order to authenticate the unsigned panting, Gordon contacted Richard Polsky, whose company Richard Polsky Art Authentication operates its own catalog of approved Warhol works. The dedication was in his own handwriting signed to his long-time business partner, the Zurich-based art dealer Bruno Bischofberger ("To Bruno B Andy Warhol 1969"). The piece, named Little Electric Chair, had never been stretched out onto a canvas and had sat forgotten next to a collection of props from the singer's earliest stage shows for almost 40 years. "What people don't understand about the electric chairs is that when they were first done - which was 1964 to 1965 - they didn't sell". One picture in the series, now owned by the London dealer/collector Anthony d'Offay, was actually signed and dated by Warhol.

"Why would Andy give him a fake?" said Richard Polsky, a Warhol expert, The Guardian reported.

"Andy Warhol was not "Andy Warhol" back then", Gordon noted, adding that, "it was all a swirl of drugs and drinking". His jaw dropped and he looked at me.

Now, Cooper is planning to hang the painting in his home when he finishes touring at the end of the year. They were not an easy sell.