Don't freak out, but Song Joong Ki is coming to Malaysia

Postado Julho 25, 2017

The "Nice Guy" star said that he told Hye Kyo to announce their wedding because he saw a lot of groundless rumors about them.

According to International Business Times, the officials of Taebaek are eager to fulfill the demands of the fans and have already communicated their desire with Blossom Entertainment, the agency of Song Joong Ki.

It was a great day for Song-Song couple shippers when Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo finally revealed their real life romance since their fans have always been hoping for a reel to real life romance. "But I believe it's up to us to figure things out wisely". "That's why we made a decision to reveal it sooner".

"Married couples say they don't feel it's real until the wedding day", he said.

On being asked why he wanted to get married now, when he is at the peak of his popularity, Joong Ki revealed that he did not want to let go of a wonderful person such as Hye Kyo. "He said, as quoted by Soompi: "[Song Joong Ki] is at the best age to get married so I'm glad he's engaged. "It makes me think that I should live a happy [married] life".

In "Descendants of the Sun", the characters of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo were shipped off to a peacekeeping mission in the fictional location of Urk, which is actually situated in Gangwon Province.