'The Bachelorette' Season 13, Episode 9 Recap: The Boys Meet Rachel's Family

Postado Julho 26, 2017

Bryan had the same problems with the family that he had with Rachel initially. She wants marriage and kids and Peter does too, he only wants more time. She reveals that her #Engagement Ring is especially handsome.

Time to meet the Lindsays!

They headed inside to meet her family, including her mother, her sister, her sister's husband, and their son (who basically stole the show). Here are some highlights.

Lindsay has three men remaining on the show: Bryan, Eric, and Peter. Over mimosas, the friends said they liked Abasolo's confidence, that he was a good match for the also confident Lindsay. Before he and Lindsay enter the family's home, Peter brings up their awkward hometown date and says he wants to clarify his confusing (and frustrating) actions. We're just ready to be normal and be with each other'.

He told the friends that he studied at the University of Florida and has been a chiropractor for the past eight years. Bryan might have told Rachel he is in love with her but he has yet to have a real conversation with her on the show.

Then, it was off to meet the Lindsays. Lindsay's father was missing in action, but the guys met the bachelorette's mother, sister, uncle, aunt, brother-in-law and cousin. "You embody everything I would want in a wife", he said. "I didn't come this far and put my life on hold... to do this to just have a boyfriend at the end of it", she said.

Lindsay looked annoyed and unhappy with her family's inquisition about dating inside a bubble and falling in love so quickly. "And it's unfortunate that whatever decision he feels I made could or could not have been out of lust".

This comes after she told People it was getting "harder" to keep her new fiance a secret as the reality TV show gets closer to its finale.

He sighed, "I don't know where to go from here, to be honest". Rachel is equal parts kind and humorous (and did we mention beautiful), and we're waiting to see who she picks in the Bachelorette finale with eager anticipation.

"Love? Really? In this short amount of time?" said Kathy. "I'm irritated at this point".

Lindsay told her mom that she understood her concerns.

In May she added: 'I absolutely fell in love!

Eric's lack of a structured family life can be overcome, since it makes it even more important for him to join a loving family and add to it with children of his own.

'It's handsome and I wear a lot of rings, but I'm ready to wear my engagement ring. "He's direct and he's open, but I don't think there's a sincerity in it", Rachel's sister said.

Though Kraus, 31, wasn't ready to officially ask for a proposal blessing, he was loved and welcomed in by the Lindsay family. "I'm really uncomfortable with the word love at this point".

They arrive at the house but sit outside for a few minutes so that Peter can tell Rachel that he's falling in love with her. Rachel tells him she's falling in love with him too, which seems nice in theory until you remember she told Dean the same thing last week in the Yoga Pillow Circle of Trust before ultimately sending him home.

He blew her a kiss as the vehicle pulled away.

Constance told the cameras she was "skeptical" about Peter. "If you end up with either of these men, you've done well, '" Chris Harrison revealed to E!

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