Boeing Dreamliner jet draws USA-sized self-portrait in the sky

Postado Agosto 04, 2017

How do you keep the pilots entertained during an nearly 18 hour live engine test on an aircraft?

All new planes have to go through an endurance test to ensure they're passenger-ready, which is what a Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner was conducting yesterday. It looks pretty cool when you pull up the tracking data for this flight.

The company took some flak (figuratively) for pumping a lot of greenhouse gases into the earth's atmosphere, but that would have happened even without the aerial self-portrait, Boeing said. It returned just before noon Central Time on Thursday.

A Boeing 787 has flown across much of the US in a route that covered states from MI to Texas.

Flight Radar 24 captured the radar signature of the plane as it left Boeing field in Seattle.

That's much longer and farther than the longest commercial route in service today.

Stunt: The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner embarked on a 4,000-mile winding route which took a staggering 17 hours to complete in order to create the flight path shape of itself. That particular flight is 16 hours and 10 minutes long.