Chinese Foreign Minister Calls for Resumption of Six-party Talks

Postado Agosto 07, 2017

The US-drafted resolution includes the strongest sanctions ever imposed in response to a North Korean ballistic missile test and targets its main exports, slashing their annual revenue by Dollars 1 billion.

Therefore on August 6, Beijing called on the Kim Jong-Un regime to stop its missile and nuclear tests and for the United States to pursue talks involving the major powers in a diplomatic solution to the North Korea crisis.

Trump hailed the unanimous vote, saying on Twitter the sanctions will have "very big financial impact!"

Meanwhile, Wang held bilateral talks with North Korea's top diplomat, Ri Yong Ho, on the sidelines of the ongoing Manila summit.

Last month, it test-launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US mainland.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said she was willing to talk to her counterpart from Pyongyang, if the chance "naturally occurs".

McMaster continued: "So what we have to do is - is everything we can to - to pressure this regime, to pressure Kim Jong Un and those around him such that they conclude it is in their interest to denuclearize". "This pressure campaign, the sanctions - it's all about trying to convince the North Koreans that the best way forward is for them to come back to the table and talk", Thornton added.

Wang Yi said he urged Ri Yong-ho to abide by United Nations resolutions in a meeting on Sunday in the Philippines. After North Korea's second ICBM test, Haley had said that another United Nations resolution would be pointless if previous efforts had no impact.

The sanctions voted on Saturday seek to block North Korea's exports of coal, iron, iron ore, seafood and lead and prohibit countries from hiring any more of that country's citizens.

"We should not fool ourselves into thinking we have solved the problem".

"It is time for North Korea to realize, we are not playing anymore", Haley said on Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo".

He said he had told North Korea to remain calm, and not provoke the worldwide community with more tests. Especially we need to avoid further escalation of the situation.

Tillerson also said the US wants to talk eventually with North Korea, but doesn't think discussions would be productive if the North comes with the intention of maintaining its nuclear weapons.

Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Liu Jieyi.

"North Korea should comply with Security Council resolutions and take deliberate actions to demonstrate it is prepared to change course accordingly". Yet, the new sanctions do not restrict oil supplies to the North, a lifeline to its economy, due to opposition from China and Russian Federation.

North Korea pulled out of the talks in 2009 to protest global condemnation of a long-range rocket launch. Still, negotiating new measures typically takes months, not weeks.

Both countries acknowledged and urged "fully and comprehensively" the implementation of the U.N. Security Council's decision, Wang told journalists after the meeting.

Washington has threatened to exert trade pressure on Beijing and impose sanctions on Chinese firms doing business with Pyongyang. "In the meantime, it's also a turning point for resuming negotiations", he said.