Changes to Roadhog, Junkrat, and Widowmaker released in Overwatch's latest PTR patch

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

Along with adding Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, certain heroes of Blizzard's Overwatch have received buffs in the latest PTR update.

Overwatch update: What PTR changes are on the way for Roadhog and Junkrat? Along with being able to hold two Concussion Mines, Junkrat's RIP-Tire now has 30 percent increased movement speed. By taking less damage and being able to move while healing, this buff might put Roadhog back into relevance, as he will be assuredly more hard to kill. Furthermore, when climbing up walls, RIP-Tire's timer won't be expended. "These two changes combined certainly make him significantly more hard to kill, while also allowing Roadhog players to be much more aggressive when trying to find a hook target, knowing they can survive a lot more easily". He can now self-heal on the go and while doing so, damage taken is reduced by 50 percent. "The combination of these effects significantly increases Roadhog's sustainability and survivability", Blizzard explained.

Developer Comments: Giving the Junkrat the ability to store two concussion mines adds some much-needed flexibility and versatility to his kit, particularly when using the mines for mobility. Finally, Widowmaker's grappling hook is now on an 8 second cooldown instead of 12 and enemies hit by Venom Mine are visible through walls (but only for the player). In regards to the Riptire, though, this was changed because it was often hard to steer it before it was destroyed, so making it faster should make it more effective more often, plus leave Junkrat himself vulnerable for a shorter time. Her primary fire weapon has a faster projectile travel speed, and her barrier received a 20 percent increase in size and had its shape altered to give better protection to allies standing behind it from enemies positioned below the barrier. "Widowmaker is extremely powerful in the right hands, but her abilities often felt a little weak".

"The Grappling Hook cooldown reduction means she is more likely to have it available when she needs to escape. With this change, she can see enemies when they trigger the mine, even if they're on the other side of a wall". This is most especially with the buffs concerning Orisa, the anchor tank hero. Junkrat and Orisa are receiving encouraging feedback from fans in the comments of the PTR patch notes and in the Overwatch Reddit.