Council of the European Union expands sanctions against North Korea

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

North Korea has been pushed further into the diplomatic wilderness, this time by the European Union.

The resolution was adopted last week in response to North Korea's on-going development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile activities.

Anchor: The Council of the European Union has added nine North Korean individuals and four entities to its North Korea sanctions lists in line with new United Nations sanctions following Pyongyang's recent ballistic missile provocations. The document also obliges states not to allow vessels into their ports if they were reported as violating the sanctions regime by the UN Security Council's special committee, with exception given to cases of emergency. "Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!"

The EU has long trumpeted that its sanctions against the DPRK are "among the most restrictive in operation", nonetheless, the bloc insisted on solving the Korean Peninsula issue through peaceful means.

North Korean crowds pledge allegiance to Supreme Leader
AFP GETTY RALLIED North Koreas pledge loyalty to the Supreme Leader's dead set stance against the US

The EU's sanctions are seen as its efforts to intensify pressure against North Korea amid the escalating war of words between Pyongyang and Washington.

New sanctions against North Korea imposed in connection with the testing of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which Pyongyang has held in July.

On Thursday, Trump doubled down on his warnings, saying his "fire and fury" remark may not have been tough enough.

Kim will "truly regret it and he will regret it fast" if he utters an overt threat at Guam or any territory belonging to the United States or its allies, Trump added.