Fired Google Engineer James Damore Defends Anti-Diversity Memo

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

The attorney went on and publicly stated that he interviewed over half of the women who are being affected by Google's wage disparities and said that their allegations will be recognized in court.

Despite similar positions and qualifications, some women said they make less than male counterparts in salaries, bonuses, and stock options, he added. The initial memo by Damore, which circulated around Google last weekend, said that there are less women working in tech because of biological differences between men and women - a claim that infuriated several of his colleagues. Right now, there are more than 60 women who are looking to sue Google because they are getting payed less than men who have the same work qualifications as them.

He said he hoped a class-action case could have a ripple effect in the industry.

"Google is not alone in Silicon Valley", Finberg said.

This all started when one of Google's software engineers, who is a man by the way, chose to leak a ten-page manifestation in which he talked about Google's pay disparities. "There's something subconsciously that happens where you do start to question the value that you're adding to the company".

The manager said that dealing with frequent sexism in the workplace and helping other women navigate the discrimination they were facing took a toll on her and contributed to her decision to quit. "It takes emotional energy that builds up over time".

She claimed she regularly dealt with sexist remarks, such as comments about her looks, and that she felt it was discriminatory when she was denied a promotion despite her achievements and large workload. "It was really disturbing", said the designer, who also requested anonymity.

"I was watching male co-workers progress at a faster rate than myself".

The ex-Google employee who was sacked after writing an internal memo claiming that biological differences between men and women prevent gender equality in tech defended his actions and criticized the company in an essay published Friday.