Jamie Carragher launches all out assault on Liverpool's defence

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

The former England and Liverpool Football Club centre half insisted that personnel isn't the only issue facing Liverpool's defence and even signing Virgil van Dijk - an obvious upgrade on what they have now - wouldn't make much of a difference.

Neville then asked for evidence of Carragher's demise after Watford equalised, and Twitter replied with videos of Carragher having a meltdown with co-pundit Jamie Redknapp.

But once again Carragher disagreed, he said: "If Van Dijk was playing instead of Lovren or Matip - he would have been in one of their positions. It leaves centre backs exposed, I don't care who's at centre back, you can't do that much to stop those goals". What defenders can do it?

The latter cited the long-running problem of Liverpool's zonal marking system as the culprit for their poor performance, with a statistic showing that the Reds have conceded 27 goals from set-pieces since Jurgen Klopp's arrival backing up his assessment. Everyone has got their own individual job.

"I think Manchester United will be in there, they didn't make the top four a year ago but I think they will with the additions that they've made", he said.

"The way Liverpool set up, set-piece-wise, they're always going to concede goals".

And Carragher, speaking on Sky Sports, has noted that the 24-year-old's presence will help solve United's malaise in front of goal against lesser sides this season.

But that just acts like a red flag to a bull for Carragher, who continues to rant and argue with his colleague, as you can see above.

"The positions of full backs is far too high and wide, for me". One player's not going to change that'.

'It's nearly impossible. What defenders can do that?' Van Dijk will improve it, yeah, but one man can't change it all'. If you want to win the Premier League, you've got to be conceding 30-35 goals. He said: 'There is a reason why they concede so many goals, because they are disorganised there and have no leaders at the back. The manager has been there 18 months now but there has been no change.

"We're still seeing the same things year in, year out, and it went back to Brendan Rodgers as well".

"That's what happened on the first goal - it comes from a counter-attack".

But the former Reds centre-back is correct in suggesting that Klopp needs to address flaws in his setup, as they are only fated to remain regardless.