Justin Bieber Pursues Girl on Instagram, Finds Out She's Taken!

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

The woman in question, Jessica Gober, found it hilariously flattering that the much-maligned singer wanted to get a little closer to her. "Did this actually just happen?" she wrote.

Sadly for Justin, Gober isn't all that interested. Why?

It said, "Who is that girl, ' then a heart emoji, then '? In ur latest post".

The star was browsing the social media site when he came across a video posted by a gym in Georgia, Fitness on Broughton, where a blonde employee caught his eye.

Justin Bieber Pursues Girl on Instagram, Finds Out She's Taken!

Unfortunately for the Canadian born star, Jessica replied to her original tweet with another one that featured several photos of her cozying up to her current boyfriend.

It's understood that she is 22-years-old and works at the front desk as well as a personal trainer. Instead of simply continuing to scroll, Justin apparently made it his mission to find out the woman's identity - resorting to sliding in to the direct messages of the gym's Instagram account.

Gober also posted a screen-grab of the messages, which read: "Who is that girl", followed by a heart emoji. By the following February, she was given a contract with Uno Models. As for what Bieber is up to these days, he recently canceled the remaining dates of his 2-year-tour. It looks like the attention from the Biebs really helped her out didn't it! He wrote a heartfelt Instagram post not long after explaining his choice to do so.