Minchin hits out at plebiscite through song

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

Tim Minchin has written and performed a parody song about Australia's on-going marriage equality debate, which has been viewed over a quarter of a million times in just a few hours.

In the wake of an extraordinarily demoralising and baffling week of Australian politics, Tim Minchin's released a song dedicated celebrating marriage equality and slamming the government's proposed postal plebiscite.

Called 'I Still Call Australia Home (ophobic)', the lyrics of the song, which initially paid tribute to Australian expats missing their homeland, have drastically been amended.

They think we're kind, fun and amusing; tall, tanned and toned; and a little bit racist and a little bit homophobic.

"But on the upside, this plebiscite might enlighten us - at least we'll know exactly how many Aussies are bigoted c***s".

Some day we'll be together once more, once they do their bloody jobs and change the fucking law.

The long-haired comic also warned religious critics of same-sex marriage: 'Your attempt to keep Australia in the past will be a failure, because most of Australia ain't homophobic'.

The song adds Minchin's own critical voice to the much maligned postal vote plebiscite ordered to determine marriage equality in Australia.

With polls showing most Australian's support marriage equality, the Government has nevertheless chose to proceed with a postal vote plebiscite to determine whether a marriage equality bill will be presented to parliament. The condesending shits think that by making it postal, young people won't vote.