S Korea Launches Expertise on US THAAD Deployment Environmental Impact

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

The South Korean government on Thursday postponed a formal environmental survey on the the advanced USA missile defense system deployed in a southern town due to a fierce protest by local residents and activists. This follows the defense and environment ministries' joint survey of radiation and noise from the system earlier on Sunday. In a separate position statement, the ministry said it planned to "pursue a site survey to examine the small-scale environmental impact assessment results according to a separate future plan", adding that a USFK general was scheduled to apologize at that time for "the careless actions shown by USFK soldiers during the equipment movement process on April 26".

South Korea on Saturday began a formal environmental survey on US THAAD system's deployment, local media reported, citing officials.

"We have chose to put it off in consideration of various on-site conditions", Army Col. "We have concluded that additional cooperation is required from local residents and civic groups". USFK soldiers were previously condemned for their "disdainful" behavior during the driving of THAAD launcher vehicles to the Seongju golf course site in April, including grinning and taking pictures of the clash between police and residents trying to stop the delivery. They claim the previous administration of Park Geun-hye pressed with the deployment without proper and transparent procedures.