UK Will Not be Part of EU Treaties for Brexit Transition Period

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

- The British government is fighting back against criticisms that it is divided and unprepared for Brexit.

Britain said it was preparing to publish several papers, including plans for a new customs arrangement and a proposal on how to resolve the difficulties of a non-physical border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The first three formal position papers will be published ahead of the talks at the end of the month, the department said.

The bloc's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said last month there was "a clock ticking" on the talks.

Mr Barnier is reported to have warned European Union ambassadors the first two rounds had failed to produce sufficient clarity on the opening issues of the Irish border, the rights of European Union citizens in the United Kingdom, and Britain's "divorce bill".

Britain is keen to start talking about its post-Brexit relationship with Europe, wary of the need to reassure anxious businesses, citizens and investors.

His gloomy assessment cast doubt on whether the talks will have made enough progress to begin discussions in the autumn on a new free trade deal between Britain and the EU.

The British government wants to show progress so the broader negotiations can commence by October.

They insisted the issues of Britain's withdrawal - which include the divorce bill the United Kingdom will have to pay in respect of its outstanding liabilities - remained "inextricably linked" with the talks on its future relations with the bloc.

The documents - setting out proposals for Northern Ireland and the border with Ireland, continuity on the availability of goods and confidentiality, and access to official documents after Brexit - will seek to prove the ready for talks to advance to the next stage, according to the statement.

"It's what businesses across Europe have called on both sides to do and will demonstrate that the United Kingdom is ready for the job".

"We've been crystal clear that issues around our withdrawal and our future partnership are inextricably linked, and the negotiations so far have reinforced that view", the Department for Exiting the European Union said in the statement released Sunday.