What You Need to Know About the Solar Eclipse

Postado Agosto 13, 2017

Many people will also try to capture the eclipse on their cameras and even cell phones.

As always, safety comes first when viewing an eclipse.

- Total Solar Eclipse (free) offers live telescope views from NASA, narration of the live event in English and Spanish - even accompaniment by the Kronos Quartet. You will need special eclipse or solar viewers to look at the sun safely. During that entire time you should NOT look directly at the sun without proper eye protection. They are darker than normal sunglasses and filter out more sun.

With the rare opportunity to view a total solar eclipse, the Blount County Public Library is offering several activities related to the eclipse. A solar eclipse is a unique experience for our eyes - we aren't used to seeing bright beams of sunlight contrasted with a night sky. Because the Sun is roughly four hundred times the size of the Moon, but is four hundred times farther away from the Earth, nature has set up the flawless coincidence-when conditions are just right, the Moon passing between Earth and our star causes a full eclipse of the Sun's radiant light. The pale corona, or outer edge, of the sun, which is visible only during a total solar eclipse, will be a million times dimmer than the sun itself as it shines around the moon. But according to Business Insider, some glasses ordered from Amazon.com will not arrive on time for the eclipse. Not only do they sell solar eclipse glasses, they also have an assortment of camera filters and telescopes to make viewing the eclipse the best it can be.

How does a total solar eclipse happen? In fact, for this area, waiting for the 2024 eclipse may be the better option as the Wheeling area will see a 97.13 percent eclipse with Columbus, Ohio only two hours away seeing a 99.84 percent solar eclipse. The rest of the nation and parts of North and Central America will experience a partial solar eclipse.

The next eclipse that will put the Golden Triangle, and much of north MS, in the path of totality will happen on August 12, 2045. "So we should be able to get really neat photos, with our filters, of the sun being occluded by the moon".

The path of totality (where the sun is completely obscured) entered just above Portland, Ore.; passed through Denver, Colo. before exiting off the east coast of Central Florida. The light will come in and you will see a small projection, a negative image, of the eclipse. Some 90 minutes later, it will have made its way through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and SC.

The Children's Museum will offer eclipse viewing from 1:20-4 p.m., weather permitting.

While we'll be able to see the eclipse in 85% totality around the Shenandoah Valley, that isn't lessening people's excitement for this momentous occasion.